Should Parents Have a Dress Code for School Pick-Up?

As a freelance writer I have the luxury of working from home, a coffee shop, a bar, a bookstore, or a magazine's editorial office. On the days I work from home, you can count on me not dressing to impress—not to be confused with not bathing in the morning and looking sloppy. I'm one of those people that wakes up with a shower or my entire day is off. I believe a pop of lipstick, oversized scarf, or a cool piece of jewelry can do wonders for leggings or any basics, really. REALLY.

So, yeah, I'm kind of on board with all the hoopla surrounding one Florida school's dress code, not for kids but their parents (even though there was tons of backlash and the proposal got nixed!). School officials say that parents are actually showing up in booty shorts, shower caps, and with rollers in their hair to pick up their kids and worse—at school functions. Fine, I get standing at the bus stop with your kids in a rushed state wearing PJ pants, a hoodie and sneakers, but you're telling me it's OK to attend back-to-school night like this? Really?


Seriously, parents, have a little pride. You're not only representing yourself—you're representing your kids. What are you telling the world when you show up for life in a shower cap and sweat pants? That you're too cool to care? No. That you're lazy. So when your daughter wants to wear a crop top or your son is letting his underwear show, remember, you set the bar.

You can dress comfy and still look polished. I'm working from home today and writing this blog from a Starbucks. I'm not meeting with an editor or styling models on a set in NYC. I could be in PJs on my couch with my computer in my lap, but I prefer to be present for life and make the day count! Did I put a dress and heels on? Uh, no. 

I'm wearing wide leg black cotton pants (no zip or button closure, people.) A black tank with mesh detail at the shoulders, a denim jacket I've had forever and Toms slip-ons in olive green. I finished the look with a thick, loose hair braid, bright coral lips, aviator sunglasses, and a few bangles. I'm so comfy, but I don't look sloppy. And it took me four minutes to get dressed.

There's a time and place for shower caps and PJ pants. Um, the shower and bedtime. 

What do you think?