How I Banished The Foul Smell in My Kitchen—For Good

Years ago, my best friend April was on the “baby track” way before I was even thinking about starting a family.  I paid a visit to her new home on a quaint suburban block in California. It was exciting to see her become a “real grown up,” and her house was beautiful!
There was one thing she said she couldn’t wait to show me. I wondered what it was. A master suite? A huge walk-in closet? A furnished basement? 
Nope—it was none of the above. It was… drum roll, please…
The trash bin under her sink!
I honestly remember this exact moment—my eyes completely glazed over. Not being in nesting-mode yet, I could not quite match her enthusiasm for her new tidy trash area that consisted of a fancy can and a shelf for the garbage bags.
Fast forward to today: Now I’m a mother in charge of Casa Ladd (what I call my home), and yup: I get it.  I too am now obsessed with my trash area. Let’s face it: kitchen trash smells. This is something I had to put up with for years, until I was asked to try out Glad Kitchen ForceFlex® OdorShield® bags in Hawaiian Aloha Scent. Can a trash bag that combats odor and smells fresh ACTUALLY change one’s state of mind? Heck yes, it can!

In the past, I was taking the trash out nightly (even when the bag wasn’t full) to avoid a smelly kitchen. It was so wasteful and time consuming! When I useGlad Kitchen ForceFlex® OdorShield® bags with Hawaiian Aloha Scent, I honestly smell nada. Yes! Nada!  I can easily forget about my trash can until it’s truly full (or, ahem…overflowing).
Glad Haw w_Nacho 2
My little hijo has been helping a lot lately when it comes to kitchen chores, and shares in my excitement when we are trying something new!
Glad Trash Bag in 3
The bag has all the extras I need in a great trash bag. The ForceFlex® technology means that no matter how full I’ve stuffed it, we’ve never once experienced rips or tears in the bag.
Glad Haw extra 2
It’s little things like this that make me one happy mama in the kitchen!
This post is sponsored by GLAD and the products were provided.  All opinions and stories are my own.