Five Minute Hair Tutorials That’ll Speed up Your Morning Routine

Getting ready in the morning is sometimes a chore. By the time I get both my boys dressed and fed, I sometimes wish I could head out in my pajamas.
Even though hair styling is easier for me since I’m a hair artist, sometimes styling my own hair is not the easiest, or I’m just completely strapped for time. That’s where these easy five minute hair tutorials come into play. Study these fast and easy videos, and I guarantee these styling tricks and tips will be in your morning rotation—getting you out the door quickly. I implement at least one of these styling tricks every day for getting ready fast and extending the life of second- or third-day hair. Beauty bonus: These styles work great on Latin hair.

How to Revive Second Day Hair in Less Than Five Minutes

This video from Dulce Candy is wonderful for learning how to revive second-day hair or extend the life of a blow-out. I love simple style tricks to vamp up hair that I styled the day before and get double wear from all my hard work. I love utilizing these same tricks to absorb oil and give my hair some easy, extra texture.

How to Hack a Sexy, Volumunious Pony

This video from Makeup by Camila is great for creating an edgier version of your everyday ponytail. I love this look as it dresses up any outfit and is a departure from your typical ponytail. 

How to Hack a Polished, Effortless Bun

Source: Invisibobbleofficial Youtube Channel


This Invisi Bobble video is a life-changer, not to mention a game-changer. When heading out to the park, running errands, or preparing for a fancy night out, I turn to a polished bun as an easy no-brainer style when time isn’t on my side, or when I want to show off a pretty blouse. Now with warmer weather on the horizon, this Invisi Bobble hair tie can really simplify my life.

How to Hack a Half-Up Top Knot

This video from Alexandrea Garza  demonstrates how to style dirty hair in a hurry. This is ideal for when I’m running out the door and want to keep some of my hair down or want to change up my everyday look. 

How to Hack a Quick, Messy Bun

This hair bun tutorial from Nicole Guerriero is ideal for that #IWokeUpLikeThis feel and my reality as a mom. This is my go-to for hectic mornings. Beauty bonus: It’s adorable and super easy to do.

How to Get Big Bedhead

This additional video from Nicole Guerriero is super handy for getting that sexy bedhead…fast. Regardless of how long my hair is, I use the same hair tricks…and you should, too. Trust me, running a wand through your hair is a quick way to look polished and pretty in a hurry. This video will help you learn how to create a seamless look for those dressier days when you still have to head out quickly.

How to Quickly Style Short Hair 

This Dulce Candy styling trick is great if you have a lob. I loved doing something similar when my hair was shorter—kind of makes me want to chop my locks for spring. The coolest part? You can probably extend this style for about two or three days if you don’t have an oily scalp.

How to Do a Traceless Top Knot


This Invisi Bobble tutorial is ideal for when you don’t want to fuss with hair pins or even hairspray. I need to get my hands on this little device. This is ideal for throwing in my bag when I want to do a tight topknot on-the-go, at a moment’s notice.

How To Hack The Perfect Braided Headband

This video from Makeup By Camila shows you how to create an effortless braided headband for your everyday look (not just for the holidays or special occasions). I love this style, as it lets me wear my hair down and keep it out of my face at the same time…in a pinch.
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