7 Natural Ways Mi Familia is Staying Healthy this Fall

When I gave birth to my son Oliver almost three years ago, I was not prepared for how many itty bitty colds that he would have in his short little vida. And while that first cold was by far the hardest on all of us, it never gets easier seeing him sick. I’ve been lucky enough to duck most colds, but we all know that a sick mommy does no one any good. So with cold and flu season on the way we are already starting to implement some healthy habits in our home to try and keep the germs away.

Taking our vitamins. One of the best inventions to date has to be the gummy vitamin. My sugar-crazed boy practically begs for them on a daily basis and I fork them right over knowing that they’re filled with Vitamin C, B12, D, and much more. Mama on the other hand has a harder time remembering to take her own, so I’ve also taken to gummy vitamins! It’s a good way to build that habit and immunity. Just don’t tell mi hijo.


Washing our hands. Now that Oliver is in school he’s encountering even more germs than usual. In turn we’ve become more diligent about washing germs away–especially since my son is a nail biter! Washing hands is an easy way to make sure that the germs don’t end up in his mouth, but no antibacterial soaps for us.

Drinking lots of water. I’m not much of a routine person but the one thing that I do stick to each morning is drinking 16 ounces of water when I first wake up. Water has such fantastic benefits, like carrying oxygen to your cells and flushing out toxins. I’ve learned that a new favorite water bottle helps my son drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day as well.

Eating healthy foods. In addition to taking your vitamins, I’m also a big believer in eating your vitamins. Last summer, smoothies became a great way for us to pack in tons of vitamins from veggies y fruta, but now that the crisp weather has arrived all we want to eat is soup. I like to make big pots of tortilla soup, butternut squash soup, and veggie soup and pack them with as many greens as possible.

Exercising. While I do tons of running around behind my toddler the truth is that as of recently I’ve left little time to actually do much more outside of that activity-wise. With all the studies I’ve been reading lately it’s time for me to start implementing a regular exercise regime to keep my immunity in check. Luckily, my toddler is on warp speed from the moment he wakes up each morning.

Staying Zen. I recently completed a 21-day meditation challenge and feel excited to continue. It has helped me be less anxious and more patient and from what I’ve been reading it is proven to reduce respiratory infections by 40 to 50 percent!

Drinking tea. While I definitely love my coffee, we are for sure a house of immunity-building tea lovers. I am a green tea gal and while my son likes to sneak in a few sips I’ve gotten him hooked on hibiscus tea. It’s filled with Vitamin C and wonderful iced. No sweetener necessary!