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5 Natural Remedies To Treat Cold and Cough in Kids

Winter is fast approaching and so are the chances of your kids catching cold and cough. And there is nothing worse than seeing kids suffer. Those sleepless nights, weakness, runny nose, body aches and fever not only hamper the kid’s spirit but even leave you feeling helpless. However, this winter try these natural remedies to treat your little ones’s cold and cough and help them heal faster to bring them back to their energetic selves.

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1. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate

Yes, hydration is the key to fast recovery from cold and cough. Drinking water at regular intervals during a bout of sneezing and coughing will help reduce inflammation in the throat and wash out the infection eventually. If your kid is not keen on having water all the time, you can give them warm soup (chicken noodle soup is a popular choice among children) or room-temperature juices for fast recovery. 


2. Use a Humidifier 

Moisture can help a lot in dealing with colds and coughs in kids. Cold-mist humidifiers are considered to be best for this purpose. Do not forget to change the water of the humidifier after every use, and clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid mold and bacteria building up inside the container. 

3. Gargle With Warm Water With a Pinch of Salt

This is one of the best ways to cure colds and coughs in kids naturally. Gargling with lukewarm water with added salt twice daily will help soothe your kid’s sore throat and treat infection. However, be there with them when they gargle to make sure that they spit out the solution and do not swallow it. 

4. Give Them Honey

You can also give honey to kids, offering it only after they turn at least a year old. Kids up to 1 year can develop botulism from bacteria present in honey, so avoid giving honey to them. Honey is one of the age-old natural remedies for cold and cough, as it coats and soothes the throat and helps tame any coughing.

If possible, offer them dark honey like buckwheat, as it is rich in antioxidants, making it more effective than others. It is generally advised by doctors to give a half-teaspoon of dark honey to kids between 1 – 5 years of age, and one teaspoon to kids between 6 – 11 years. You can also mix some honey along with a few drops of lemon into some lukewarm water for your kids to drink.

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5. Adequate Rest

Rest is crucial to help your child heal naturally. Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. For a night of good sleep, give your little one a sponge bath before bedtime, clear out mucus with a bulb syringe and add extra pillows to elevate your child’s head to help clear congestion while sleeping.

Additional Tip: Don’t forget to give your kids food rich in protein, accompanied by lots of vegetables and a healthy dose of beneficial fats. You can even give them turmeric milk to help them recover quickly from cold and cough. 

However, despite all the natural measures, if your child shows no signs of improvement, it is best to pay a visit to your doctor.

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