12 Incredibly Chic Velvet Home Decor Finds

The velvet home decor trend is tough to ignore right now. And before you balk, let me stress that today’s offerings are trendy, fresh, and inviting. So not the grandma vibe that usually comes to mind. Done correctly, velvet decor items create a cozy and stylish atmosphere that’s ideal for hunkering down at home. The key is choosing one (seriously, one is enough) show-stopping piece to elevate your space. I’m totally game for adding touches of velvet throughout my house. Throw blankets, curtains, furniture, and other velvet decor accessories will make my TGIT nights on the couch feel like even more of a guilty pleasure than usual.

Want to get in on the velvet decor trend but don’t know how? Whether you’re thinking about committing to a velvet couch, an ottoman or a pile of velvet throw pillows, I’ve got you covered with some top picks.