copper decor

11 Chic Copper Decor Pieces to Make Your Home Shine

We’ve lived in the same house for nearly 10 years, and I try hard to keep it from looking dated. We’ve gotten new kitchen counters, added a tile backsplash, and painted some cabinetry. But that’s as far as my budget is going to take me. Enter: copper decor.

Adding copper home decor accents to my existing design has allowed me to stay on-trend, without spending a fortune. After gold’s big comeback and brass’s resurgence, copper seemed like the logical next step. This metal has a warm, inviting vibe that softens the stark white cabinetry and marble countertops that have recently overtaken home decor blogs and magazines. The best part? I don’t need to ditch my other metal accent pieces to incorporate copper decor. Copper is essentially a neutral metallic that mixes and matches with anything.

Want to add a touch of glamour to your home—without a hefty price tag? Get inspired by these gorgeous 11 copper home decor accents.


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