Bamboo Sheets vs. Egyptian Cotton: Why You’re Going to Be Obsessed with Bamboo

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We’ve been in need of new sheets for a few months now, and I’ve been procrastinating since sheets are one of those things that aren’t always fun to purchase. But with all of the delightfully soft bamboo sheets on the market, we can update the look of our bedroom and sleep more comfortably, all in one fell swoop.

To be honest, the last set of sheets came free when we bought our previous mattress and they are starting to tear a bit at the corners—only partly because of the force that my three year old exerts when she pulls on them as she helps me to change the sheets. (Our Tuft & Needle king bed is basically the bouncy castle of her dreams!) Bamboo sheets deserve some special attention because they are made of renewable fibers, sure, but also because they are insanely soft without having to go super luxe with the thread count, like you do with Egyptian cotton sheets, which translates to a much more affordable product that still feels luxurious.


Why make the switch from cotton to bamboo sheets? Most bamboo sheet converts claim two reasons:

The first answer is the most common: Bamboo is a more sustainable material. It grows incredibly fast and can help rebuild eroded soil. It can grow incredibly well without any pesticides (although be warned, it’s not always grown so), too.

The second reason is a bit more subjective: If you tend to run hot at night, many people that use bamboo sheets claim that bamboo keeps them cooler and dry at night. If breathability is important to you, or if you tend to live in more humid climates, this might be the solution to combat hot, sticky nights.

If you’re on the hunt for a set of bamboo sheets, check out the slideshow for some of my favorites.

Have you made the switch from cotton to bamboo sheets? Share your experience and recommendations in the comments.

Featured image: Getty/JGI Jamie Grill

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