Cheerful & Cheap Thanksgiving Decor Ideas That Won’t Clog Up Your Storage Space

In Canada, we are lucky to have Thanksgiving fall right in the middle of autumn (my favourite season) and right before Halloween. Why does that make us lucky? It means that we have a bounty of inexpensive (free, even!) materials on hand to make our Thanksgiving décor shine! Even better? It means you can throw together some holiday décor in less time than it takes to put your toddler down for a nap!

As my family’s go-to host for Thanksgiving, I am always looking for inexpensive (read: super cheap!) and fun ways to spruce up my home for the holiday. Even better, after the holiday, I don’t want to have a ton of stuff to throw into storage.

Here are five simple ways I decorate for Thanksgiving every year. My house shines, and when the holiday is over, it all cleans up easily or transitions to Halloween decor in a snap.

Create a Fall Harvest Centerpiece


Take a note from harvest tables and use fall’s bountiful apple harvest. To make this centerpiece, use a red gingham tablecloth as a runner and fill a bowl (I like to use a display bowl that I rarely pull out) with freshly picked apples, and add a few fall leaves around the edges. Place tea lights or taper candles in mason jars filled with dry beans for light and ambience.

Spell It Out


 Thanksgiving is all about togetherness, family, fun, and food. Why not use the opportunity to spell out what Thanksgiving means to you with these beautiful, handcrafted signs from Personally Papered? Customize them to say something special for you and your family.

Craft Edible Delights


 If you’re not interested in making your own display, why not have someone make it for you? I purchased these stunning fall-themed cookies from Cocoa Lane Sweeterie and displayed them in the centre of our Thanksgiving dinner table. The best part? Each guest got to take one home! But if you are more adventurous than I am and want to try making your own fall cookies, check out this tutorial.

Keep It Simple and Sweet


 Keep your table simple with a hurricane candle holder, one large white candle, and a few glittery mini pumpkins from your local dollar or craft store. A few fall leaves and some fall-themed napkins will round out this simple but festive look. Once the holiday is over, the hurricane can easily be decorated for different seasons.

Don’t Forget to Go Outside


Greet your family and friends with an outdoor display. A visit to our local pumpkin patch was the basis for this display. Add in an old tin watering can, a dollar store scarecrow, a basket, and a large burnt orange mum, and you have a display that looks like a million bucks (for only a few dollars!). Even better? You can keep these pumpkins until Halloween when they’re ready to be carved and displayed!

More Thanksgiving Decor Ideas:

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