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Top 10 Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Are you planning to make the big announcement to your family and friends during the holiday season? If yes, announce your pregnancy to your loved ones with these ten creative Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas and spread the joy with everyone.

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1. Say It With Table Decor

Surprise everyone at the Thanksgiving dinner table using custom-made place cards that reveal your exciting news. Write each guest’s name on the card, followed by your name with a “& Baby” addition at the bottom (for example: X & Baby). You can even keep a baby spoon next to the plate and add a bit of baby decor on the table, like pacifiers, teethers, wipes, etc. See how long it takes your family and friends to crack the code. 

2. Let the Picture Do the Talking

Take a professional family portrait with a onesie or sporting a t-shirt saying “baby on the way” or even with an extra pair of shoes. Hang the picture in your living room, where guests can easily see it. Then, see whether they can spot the secret hidden in plain sight. If you can’t wait any longer, ask them to check if there is something “extra” in the portrait.

3. Scratch Card

Gather your family members and hand them Thanksgiving scratch cards in the pretext of playing a game. Have all your guests scratch the card at the same time and read the message out loud. Do not forget to capture this hilarious moment, as we can bet some guests will take a few seconds to grasp what you are trying to tell them.

4. Say It With Thanksgiving Dinner Napkins

This is one of the most subtle yet exciting pregnancy announcement ideas. Write your happy news on a napkin and fold it into your guests’ dinner napkins. Allow them to discover the message on their own during mealtime.

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5. Thanksgiving Cards

If you are creative and love to draw, use your skill to make personalized Thanksgiving cards for your loved ones with pregnancy announcements. You can also order such cards online or get a printout and add personal touches to surprise your family and friends.

6. Pregnancy Pie Announcement

Pie on Thanksgiving is a tradition, so why not announce your pregnancy with it? Bake a pie and write the announcement on it, whether it be using dough or fruits instead. Serve the pie after you have brought out the rest of your dishes, making it the star of the show, and let your guests read the message on their own.

8. Surprise With Jewelry

If you plan to surprise your partner, who loves to wear jewelry, this will be the best-suited Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement idea for you. Personalize a jewelry piece with the pregnancy announcement and gift it to your unsuspecting partner during Thanksgiving dinner and record their reaction to remember the moment forever.

9. Thanksgiving Turkey Reveal

Fill a turkey-shaped balloon with confetti and ask your eldest child to pop the balloon. You can write the message on paper and insert it into the balloon before blowing it with air. Once popped, ask them to look for a folded sheet of paper and let them read the message out loud. Alternatively, you can create a turkey-shaped sign with the message “We’re having a baby!” and display it on the mantle.

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10. Baby Chair at Table

While setting the dinner table, reserve an extra chair for your baby. It could be a decorated chair or simply a highchair. Write something along the lines of “coming soon” on a sheet of paper, paste it on the chair, and let your guests decipher the message.

A Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement can be a joyous and memorable experience for you and your loved ones. So incorporate these simple and exciting ideas and spread the cheer on Turkey Day.

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