101 Adorable Smash Cake Ideas

If you’re planning a first birthday party for your kiddo, you’ve probably heard by now that it’s not complete without a smash cake. Smash cakes are small frosted cakes made just for the birthday guest of honor. Give it to your kid and let him or her dig into it with their hands. Be warned that it gets messy, but the photos are priceless.

My son’s smash cake experience was pretty hilarious. Up until that point he hadn’t eaten much sugar, so in hindsight, letting him go nuts on a little cake was probably ill advised. But we loved seeing how much fun it was for him to dig into a cake of his own, though we were still finding frosting in every nook and cranny of his high chair for a week.


If you’re on the hunt for smash cake inspiration, check out some of the best first birthday mini cakes out there to inspire you in the slideshow.

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