Spring Fun: 6 Easter Themed Playdate Ideas

Bunnies, baby chicks and chocolate. When it comes to kids, any playdate that features this trio is sure to be a success!


This Easter, consider inviting a few of your child's friends over for an Easter themed playdate and incorporate these ideas for guaranteed fun!

Have a backyard Easter egg hunt

Fill plastic eggs with small candies, stickers or other little goodies and have the kids collect them in paper bags they decorate on their own. Provide markers, stickers, glue and embellishments for decorations.

Decorate egg shaped sugar cookies

Fill small cups with colored frosting and give each child a plastic spoon or knife (whichever is age appropriate) to decorate the cookies. Colored sprinkles can be used for embellishments. Older children may enjoy baking Easter cookies with you.

Have an age-appropriate story time

Read an Easter themed book. Board books like Easter Egg Hunt by Chuck Murphy  or Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Karen Katz are great for babies and toddlers.  Preschoolers may enjoy Max' Easter Surprise by Rosemary Wells.  If you share in the Christian faith, reading books like An Easter Gift for Me by Crystal Bowman or What is Easter? by Michelle Medlock Adams can help teach your child why you celebrate Easter. Large egg shaped pieces of felt or construction paper can be used as floor mats to encourage young children to stay seated in their space.

Play Easter Bingo

Preschool aged children and older may enjoy playing Easter Bingo. Cut out a large egg shape from cardstock and make your own Bingo cards. Outline a grid and across the top write an Easter themed word like Spring.  Draw Easter themed pictures like a basket, bunny, flower and candy bar inside the grid. Give the children small candies like M&Ms to cover their pictures when you call them out. The first one to say "Easter Bingo" wins a prize.

Visit a petting zoo or have a small one come to you

Many local farms have special programs where they bring small animals to you. Kids will love holding a bunny or petting a baby chick.

Plant flowers

Have the children paint small terracotta pots or color Styrofoam cups and teach them how to plant seeds or small flowers.

How do you celebrate Easter with the kids? What fun activities to you take part in?