Rainbow Fun In The Kitchen With These Kuhn Rikon Essentials

I hate cooking, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need to be at least somewhat active in the kitchen if I want my toddler to be a non-picky and curious eater. That’s where Kuhn Rikon comes in. Not only do they have an amazing line of products created with kids in mind, called Kinderkitchen (which means “kid’s kitchen” in German), they have a ton of colorful finds that make getting our little ones excited about getting involved in the kitchen very easy – maybe even too easy… I feel like I get asked every day if we can make cupcakes.

Besides the rainbow whisk, they have a ton of items that have simply made it easier for me to whip things up quickly and – honestly – be less miserable doing it. I can’t underline enough how much I don’t like cooking, baking or pretty much doing anything in the kitchen, but when you have kids you just can’t get away with being lazy! With rainbow colored items like this or avocado knives like this, it makes being a lazy kitchen person a lot more bearable. Plus, everything is affordable and long-lasting. I’ve had some of their knives for YEARS and haven’t so much as sharpened them.

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