How to Organize Your Kitchen Like The Home Edit

If you’re a fan of The Home Edit, you’re not alone – it’s become one of the most popular online sources for organization inspiration. It’s also a favorite among celebs… Gwyneth Paltrow, Busy Philipps and Reese Witherspoon are all devotees. The founders’ goal in starting the company was to reinvent traditional organizing, merging it with interior styling (read: make it pretty). Well, mission accomplished! While they do still work directly with clients, they also share their passion with the world on their beautifully curated Instagram account. We’ve chosen our favorite posts about kitchen organization to help shed some light on how to organize one of the most notoriously clutter-filled parts of the home. Keep scrolling to find out how to organize your kitchen like a pro with these tips from The Home Edit.


Eliminate packaging to streamline your open shelving… putting coffee grounds in clear jars allows you to store it out in plain view, freeing up cabinet space for not-so-pretty items.

Tea can easily get out of hand… keep it in order by separating different types into clear acrylic containers inside of a drawer. Take it a step further by labeling them with a chalk pen so you don’t have to search too far for that lemon zinger that you’ve been craving.

Repurposing accent furniture can lead to genius kitchen storage solutions… case in point above. Think about your furniture in different ways to see if you may be able to take an alternative approach.

Drawers are often underutilized, but they’re an invaluable resource when streamlining almost any area of the kitchen. Instead of getting lost at the back of the cabinet, seldom-used items are just as visible as the things that are in plain view.

One of the best tricks The Home Edit uses to lend a feeling of cohesion is to group like colors with other like colors and arrange them like a rainbow… how’s that for eye candy? You can do this too, with just about anything – from coffee pods to cookbooks to dry goods.

Clear acrylic containers for the win (again)! Stack them underneath the sink to store all of your cleaning supplies… remove the lids on the top containers to accommodate  taller spray bottles and irregularly shaped items.

Here’s another great example of the effect of grouping colors strategically… similar items are still located in close proximity to one another, but the color separation gives the illusion of a much more organized space.

To organize smaller jars and containers that you use often, don’t underestimate the power of a good old lazy Susan. The circular shape allows you to spin to your heart’s content without losing track of that cumin that always tends to end up at the back of the cabinet.

To see even more organization inspiration, head over to The Home Edit’s website.

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