Jessica Simpson Accidentally Reveals Her Baby’s Gender!

Ooops!  Jessica Simpson let the gender of baby #2 slip during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jessica, who is pregnant with her second child, had not addressed the rumors that she and Eric Johnson were expecting a baby boy and planned to name him Ace.  At least not until tonight!  Jessica was being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and blurted out the news. 

She explained that she hasn’t been feeling as good as she did with her first pregnancy. “I just feel awful, I’ve been vomiting. The crazy thing is, I never knew a wiener could actually make me nauseous.”  She realized what she had said and fessed up, “Well, I guess I just told the world I’m having a boy.”

Later Jessica added, “I can’t believe I did that; that was not planned. I just did it so crude, too; that was awful. I’m talking about wieners.”

Congrats to Eric and Jessica and big sister Maxwell.  Now we’ll have to wait and see if they really do plan to call him Ace! 

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