Jessica Simpson attends the 2023 Footwear News Achievement Awards at Cipriani South Street on November 29, 2023 in New York City.
Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Contributor | Footwear News via Getty Images

Jessica Simpson’s Kids Are Already in the Christmas Mood

On November 29, 2023, Jessica Simpson attended the 2023 Footwear News Achievement Awards in New York City, where she was granted the Icon Award. While the singer-actress was grateful for the win, she credited motherhood and kids as her fuel for success. Simpson also touched upon her Christmas plans, noting that she feels she has “already had Christmas” (via Extra).

It seems Jessica Simpson’s family got an early start to the holiday season, as her kids have already put up and have finished decorating the Christmas trees. The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer also stated that people were putting up the lights while she was attending the awards ceremony. She exclaimed it would be like “Griswald Christmas” once she returned home (via People).

In an exclusive interview with People, she noted that her family is “all about the seasons.” She stated that her eldest, Maxwell, would most likely dress as Santa for Halloween because “the end of September is when everyone around the world should be gettin’ into the spirit!”

How Many Kids Does Jessica Simpson Have?

Jessica Simpson has three kids with her husband Eric Johnson: 11-year-old Maxwell Drew, 10-year-old Ace Knute, and 4-year-old Birdie Mae.

In the exclusive interview with Extra, she revealed that her eldest already wears a bigger shoe size than her. Simpson is a little regretful as she saved up several shoes for Maxwell. However, she was confident her 11-year-old would use them well, even if they served their purpose as a purse.

While the singer-actress trusts her kid’s creative flair, she jokingly noted that she won’t miss the opportunity with her youngest and will shove Birdie’s foot into the shoes Simpson is saving for her.

Jessica Simpson credited her kids for her drive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stating that she hasn’t been doing much other than “running around, chasing the kids, making music.” She noted that being a mom has been the most rewarding thing, and motherhood drives her to show up as the best version of herself in front of her kids.

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