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2012 A Great Year For Babies! Keepsake Ideas

Not only do we have the Olympics just around the corner, but 2012 is also the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  If your baby is due, or was born, this year, or you’re looking for a gift for a friend’s baby, why not take the opportunity to collect some souvenirs and keepsakes to mark this special year.  Not only will they be exciting gifts for your little one but it lets them share a part of history.

The Royal Mint have produced commemorative coins both for the Jubilee and the Olympics.  Available in presentation packs, these make ideal keepsakes for when children are older, and they could become valuable heirlooms in the future if kept in perfect condition.  

As well as coins, stamps are great collector’s items and the Royal Mail have created special sets of stamps for both the Jubilee and the Olympics.

Royal events have always been associated with popular collectable items, such as plates and mugs.  John Lewis has a large selection of Diamond Jubilee souvenirs in its gifts section.  They also have similar collectables for the Olympics.  Meanwhile, figurines specialists Compton & Woodhouse  have produced a limited edition Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee figurine to commemorate the occasion.

Keeping newspapers that were released on special days is a perfect way to save a memento of things that have happened this year, and it’s cheap too.  If you’ve missed an edition, most newspapers allow you to order back issues, so search online for the contact details of the particular newspaper you’re interested in.

The Olympics coming to London is most likely a once in a lifetime occurrence, and there are some great gifts to mark the momentous occasion at the official shop.  From keyrings to books to very special teddy bears, there are all sorts of collectables available.

If you’re looking for something to commemorate the year that isn’t necessarily based on the Jubilee or the Olympics, 2012 is also the Chinese year of the dragon.  A dragon plush toy is a simple gift idea and many toy stores will sell them.  If you’re looking for jewellery, perhaps as a Christening gift for a 2012 baby, how about this stunning friendly looking dragon charm in sterling silver, available from Links of London.  If your little one has a charm bracelet, or you’re thinking of buying one, this would make an excellent addition.      

The above are just some ideas of collectables to keep for your little one born in 2012, and there are many more available.  Your baby is special, and being born in such a special year is an exciting thing to celebrate.  

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