Preparing the Childless for a Childfull Trip

After my last post about dragging a childless, defenseless aunt to Disneyland, I spoke to my sister. With a lot of laughter, we came up with a few tips to help your childless friends and family cope on vacation:


  1. Warn the childless family member/friend to get plenty of sleep. A trip with kids after a night spent texting a boyfriend or drinking with girlfriends is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Make sure they eat. The poor things might be accustomed to skipping breakfast. They have no idea the amount of energy required to chase after a couple kids.
  3. Make sure they wear comfortable shoes. While they might be accustomed to cute, coordinated outfits, we mothers know comfort rules the day. Adorable cowboy boots are not so adorable when chasing a two-year-old across a parade route.
  4. Try not to say anything as they fix their hair and apply make up. They don’t need to know that the hair will be mussed and the make up will be smeared within an hour.
  5. Remember that as a childless friend or family member, it’s their job to stuff your children with churros and cotton candy. Don’t say a word as they spoil your kids rotten. It’s one of their best attributes.

Do you have any tips for childless friends and family?

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