Celebrity Moms Sara Gilbert And Julie Chen Are Not New Year’s Eve Party Girls

‘The Talk’ hosts Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen share their not-so-exicting New Year’s Eve plans.


Julie and Sara admit to Rachael Ray that they won’t be livin’ it up that night. Julie shared: “I go to my neighbor up the street and the dress code is sweat pants. You know you can’t get dressed up and you watch the ball drop with friends. You feel like you’re part of Times Square .” Sara says that she has good intentions of watching the ball drop, but she usually doesn’t last that long: “I’m like this is so great. I’m going to be at home and watch the ball drop. This is so exciting, kiss at midnight and then at 8:45pm I’m like totally out.”

Rachael asked each mom what she would do if she were president for a day. Julie immediately answered “healthcare for everyone’, while Sara’s responded: “I’m totally self-centered. I would make everyone vegan. Sorry, it’s the law.”

Julie also divulged her dream guest: “I feel like it’s Lenny Kravitz. I’ve had a crush on him since I was in college.”

You can see the full interview today, December 22nd, on the Rachael Ray Show.