Giada De Laurentiis And Bobby Flay Talk Family And Food With Rachael Ray

Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay take us inside their homes and talk marriage, kids, and food.


On today's Rachael Ray Show, Bobby and his wife Stephanie, along with Giada and her husband Todd, dish on their home lives.

Giada and her husband Todd could be adding on to their family:

Giada: “Todd and I had chatted about having kids but we sort of felt like our lives were a little bit busier then that. We were sort of on that path and all of a sudden one day I found out I was pregnant, I said to Todd “How could this happen, how could this be?” 5 years after we got married, we had Jade.”

Todd: “We thought about having another child, its not like we're not trying, just if it comes along.”

Giada: “My philosophy is your gonna get what your suppose to get. I’m not getting any younger. So if it’s going to happen again it happens and if it doesn’t, we love what we’ve got. You know, we’ve got a good egg.”

Bobby and Stephanie share how they started dating:

Stephanie March: “I was working on this show, 'Law and Order SVU' and two of our dear friends Mariska [Hargitay] and your best friend growing up, one of the camera men and they conspired to introduce us and I didn’t want to go.”

Bobby Flay: “Really what happened was I was out to lunch with Mariska, I was like “I wanted to ask you about this girl who just started working on your show.” So two days later Mariska called me and said “I spoke to Stephanie, she doesn’t want to go out with you “and I said “Why, what did I do to her?” You didn’t know who I was, right?”

Stephanie March: “You had a terrible reputation, it said in the Zagat 'flame haired Romeo, Bobby', and I thought that’s not good. But I was wrong. I can admit that now 11 years later.”

The first meal Bobby made for his wife Stephanie:

Stephanie: “The first thing he ever made for me was, cover your ears mom, breakfast. He said what do you like on your toast and I said butter and honey. It was beautiful.”

Bobby: “You didn’t give me a lot of ammunition. I couldn’t try to impress you.”