Alyson Hannigan Talks Pregnancy And Cooking With Her Daughter

Expectant actress Alyson Hannigan stops by the Rachael Ray Show to talk food, pregnancy, and parenthood.


In an interview that airs tomorrow, April 6th, the ‘American Reunion’ star shares some insight into pregnancy and motherhood.

Alyson shares her baby’s estimated arrival:

“June, but the last couple of times I’ve been at stores people have been like, ‘Oh you’re ready to pop, right?’ I’m like ‘Actually I have a couple more months.’ Somebody said ‘You’re sure there’s not two?’ I keep asking my doctor the same thing.”

Alyson likes knowing the sex of the baby beforehand:

“I want all of the information. My husband is like ‘let’s not tell the world yet.'”

Alyson on her three year old daughter, Satyana (who shares a birthday with Alyson):

“She just turned three. I know it’s so sweet. She’s hilarious. She’s so cute. The outfits she chooses are hilarious. She’ll just put on a dress and then say “I want a purple tutu” and then she’ll put that over the dress. She has knee high socks. “

Satyana is a great cook:

“She’s also a great cook. She and I bake together and then her dad’s taught her how to make scrambled eggs. And we have an edible garden in our yard and she picks from it, it’s fantastic.”

Alyson sees parts of her personality in her daughter:

“Parts of me. I was definitely more of a tomboy so I didn’t get the whole clothes thing until I was like in my twenties so I was a late bloomer. But yeah I definitely see so many similarities. The books that I loved she loves.”

Catch Alyson’s entire interview tomorrow morning!


Photos courtesy of the Rachael Ray Show