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Myles Harris of ABC 6 Receives Surprise Visit from Mom at Work

Myles Harris, an Ohio-based television reporter, went viral after his mom, Sandi, crashed his workday in a very mom-like fashion. While setting up to report from the roadside, Sandi spotted him and excitedly drove up to say “Hi, baby!” to her son. Hilariously, the entire thing was caught on video and went viral, reports The Guardian.

Apparently, the whole of the internet can relate to these kinds of mom shenanigans.


How Sandi Surprised Myles Harris at Work


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Myles Harris is a reporter for ABC 6. While out on assignment, gearing up for a report, he recognized a car driving up beside him and his camera crew.

In the video, Harris turns to the camera and holds them off from shooting, saying, “That’s my mom. Hold on.” With beautiful timing, Sandi then pulls into the shot behind him. “Hi, baby!” she calls through the open window, obviously excited to catch him in action.

I, myself, have said the following words to my own mom. “I’m trying to work right now!” Harris called back to his mom. Just before Harris, Sandi, and the camera crew, all erupt into giggles. From there, Harris tells his mom, “Don’t be holding up traffic,” and points out that she has cars behind her. With an “Alright,” Sandi blows a kiss and drives off.

Harris shared the clip to his Instagram and ABC 6 followed suit, tickled by the mom-cident. It has since become an internet sensation, deeply relatable to anyone with a mom (everyone). Then, Harris was surprised again by Sandi, on Good Morning America, Thursday morning, in a bit of fun. Followed shortly by the pair discussing the viral video on Good Day Columbus.

All in all, a heartwarming bit of news in turbulent times. Mom’s always know how to bring the sunshine.

Can you relate to this mom-cident with Myles Harris? Do you have any similar and fun mom stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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