5 Gifts To Buy Your Frugal Friend

Do you have a frugal friend to buy a gift for this year? Scratching your head over what to get your favorite penny pincher? Here are 5 gift suggestions for your frugal friend!

  1. Buy them a How To book. Frugal minded folks enjoy getting their hands dirty and DIYing it whenever possible. Try to choose something you know your friend is interested in. Here are some potential topics: Sewing, Knitting, Plumbing, Canning, Gardening, etc.
  2. DIY something yourself to give to them. Your frugal friend will appreciate that you took the time to make something special for them with your own two hands! 
  3. Purchase your frugal friend some good quality long lasting cookware. Cast iron is a great choice, because with proper care it can last forever! Most frugal minded people cook from home often and need good quality tools in the kitchen. 
  4. Energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs. It might not seem like the most exciting gift, but anything that saves a frugal person money will be well received!
  5. Gift card to their favorite store or splurge spot. Know your friend loves massages but will rarely splurge for one his/herself? Buy them a gift card. Or maybe encourage them to eat at a fancy restaurant by footing the bill with a gift card. 

Forget about fancy gadgets that require a ton of upkeep or servicing. Choose from this list and you will score a big win!

Are you frugal? Would you want to receive one of these gifts? What would be your favorite gift to receive? 

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