Upcycled Snacks: The Healthy (and Earth-Friendly) Trend Kids Will Love

80 billion pounds or 40% of food is wasted in America every year. Upcycling is a way the food industry is trying to combat this massive amount of waste.

So… what exactly is upcycling?

Recycling is the process of turning waste into something brand new whereas upcycled materials don’t get broken down. Instead, they’re repurposed for something other than their original function. Basically in the case of food products the process involves taking fresh (and neglected) produce that would otherwise go to waste, dehydrating them and milling them into, for example, a flour that can then be used for the basis of delicious snacks. Because upcycling usually repurposes healthy foods like carrots, these snacks pack a nutritious punch (or at least they tend to be more nutritious than your standard chips and crackers). Plus, they’re obviously good for the earth.

Check out our slideshow for some of the best sustainable, upcycled snacks you can get right now.

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