It’s A Head Trend

Sometimes taming little girls’ hair is almost as difficult as taming lions.

Their little sensitive heads aren’t prepared for all the tangles and snarls that come their way during the night. Then in the morning it’s frizzy flyaways and, of course, they won’t stand still long enough for you to get out any of the lumps and bumps in their ponytail. Don’t despair — it’s nothing that a little product and a few trendy hair accessories can’t manage! 


For flyaways:


It’s A Head Trend

Glam Bubble Gum Glitter Gel, $15.99, at

Rosette Headband, $14.95, at

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For tangles:

It’s A Head Trend

California Baby Hair Detangling Spray, $11.79, at

Yellow Yo Yo Barrettes by Bina Blooms, $6, at


For curly hair:

It’s A Head Trend

Curly Q Milkshake – Curl Lotion, $14, at

Sequined Headwrap, $6 for 2, at