Unicorn Academy series coming to Netflix

Netflix to Launch New Fantasy-Adventure Series Unicorn Academy

Moms of girly girls, rejoice! There’s a new fantasy-adventure series coming to Netflix and it centers around young girls riding that most magical of creatures: unicorns! The series, titled Unicorn Academy, is coming to the streamer in collaboration with Spin Master, a toy, game, and kids TV company also known for making Paw Patrol a household name.

Unicorn Academy Coming to Netflix

Unicorn Academy is based on the book series of the same name by Julie Sykes. The storyline centers around Sophia and her classmates at a boarding school called (you guessed it) Unicorn Academy. To access magical powers that will protect their homeland, the students must bond with a unicorn. Each unicorn will feature unique details, characters will be diverse, and friendship is a major theme of the show.

Execs expect the series to resonate with girls over the age of 6, but say younger kids and/or pre-teens and teens may enjoy it as well.

The series will kick off (hooved animal pun intended) with a 72-minute movie this fall, followed by shorter episodes. According to Variety, Spin Master Entertainment has over 250 minutes of content lined up through 2025, including music videos.

“This is the biggest animated series we’ve ever made, for sure,” Jennifer Dodge, Spin Master’s president of entertainment, told the entertainment news outlet. “We are really setting out to create something big and special, something that is going to last for a long time.”

More Than Just a Show

Digital games, licensed products, and a toy line will follow the launch of the series so your little unicorn-lover can frolic with her favorite creature long after the show ends.

“Our team has done an amazing job of bringing the magic of Unicorn Academy across all play patterns,” Max Rangel, Spin Master’s Global President and CEO, said in a statement. “We want to be where kids are; whether it’s in toy boxes, on their TV screens, or on digital devices, Unicorn Academy will be there to ignite, engage and inspire new fans. Kids are going to fall in love with the experience of connecting with the characters and entering the world of Unicorn Island. This is our biggest production to date because we truly believe this will resonate with a generation of kids on various play platforms.”

The series is a major win for young female audiences, who have not been the focus of properties from Spin Master so far. In the past, the company has aimed its content more at young boys and preschoolers.

“We make it feel mystical and have a sense of history, without making it feel medieval,” Dodge said. “These are very modern girls that all kids will relate to today, but in a very magical place.”

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