Back To School Shoes For Boys

I also think that their shoes can make or break their outfit. I know what you’re thinking… they’re BOYS. Yes, but, I have to look at them all day. Another thing I’ve found when it comes to boys “kicks” is, you actually do get what you pay for. Yes they trash and demolish their shoes quickly and easily but I’ve tested this theory and not only did the shoes last longer, my kids were more comfortable (and they looked adorable).

Here are my current favorites:

1. Emmett, at See Kai Run $50.00

2. Flex Vail in Brown, at Pedipeds $53.00

3. Vans Classic Print Slip-On, at Nordstrom $31.95-$36.95

4. TOMS Botas Tiny Woven Bootat Nordstrom $28.95

5. Sketchers Novatron, at Nordstrom $56.95

6. Crocs Hover Sneak Camo, at Crocs $39.99

7. Sperry Top-Sider Amberjack, at Stride Rite $58.00

8. Stride Rite Star Wars Commander Cody, at Nordstrom $54.95


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