10 Creative & Fun Back-to-School Photo Ideas

Parents unite: it’s the most wonderful time of the year because the kiddos are headed back to school (cue the fake sniffle)!

Aside from picture day, the first day of school is probably the only day of the year your kids’ outfits are perfect and every strand of hair is in place. It’s also the last chance their backpacks and shoes have to look their best. Why not mark the memory with an extra-special back-to-school photo shoot?

Sure, your standard back-to-school photos of kids with cheesy grins by the school bus are a yearly hit. But want to take things to the next level without hiring a professional photographer? There are tons of ways to accomplish this with a little help from simple things like sidewalk chalk, balloons, and books.

Looking for some easy and meaningful back-to-school photo ideas? These examples are absolutely Instagram-worthy and best of all, they don’t require extensive props…or DIY skills!



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