Thirty Healthy Activities for November

Why not challenge yourself each day this month and make it a healthy November?


1. Laugh more. It makes you feel good and lowers your blood pressure!

2. Worry less. That project at work is not going to get done any faster by fretting over it.

3. Beat the January 1 chaos and join a gym now (it’s usually cheaper, too!).

4. Call an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. The connection will do your soul good.

4. Ride a bike just for fun like you did when you were a kid.

6. Start doing sit-ups at home.

7. Try a new vegetable you think you don’t like; you may discover it’s not so awful.

8. Plan your Thanksgiving menu and shopping in advance to cut down on some of the last minute stress.

9. Work your way to doing 20 consecutive pushups.

10. Lighten your load by cleaning out– and possibly downsizing– your purse. Your back will be thankful you did.

11. Take the spin class with the instructor you are scared of at the gym.

12. Treat yourself to a new pair of cute boots to flaunt your hard-earned legs.

13. Meditate.

14. Skip soda, sip water.

15. Get a fall facial.

16. Start reading a great book, or reread an old favorite.

17. Steal an afternoon nap—guilt-free.

18. Make a list of your most Thankful Things.

19. Increase your cardio by five minutes daily for one week.

20. Splurge on a new fitness outfit; it may get you working out more!

21. Boost your Omega-3 fats and prepare a new fish dish for dinner.

22. Book a spring fitness retreat and get excited to take an active vacation.

23. Daydream about your future.

24. Fall in love with working out. Convince yourself you love exercise, and commit to a love affair with the gym.

25. Be introspective and settle on one character trait you absolutely love about yourself; then choose one less desirable one you would like to change.

26. Switch out the heavy cream in your morning coffee for a nonfat choice.

27. Clock a mile in your neighborhood, then get out of the car and run it with the kids.

28. Subscribe to a fitness magazine for inspiration.

29. Browse healthy family recipes on

30. Clean out the fridge and overhaul, as necessary.

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