Exercise for Your Body Type

Variety is the spice of life, and so it goes for body types, too. Most of us fall into one of three categories, although we may also be a hybrid. Find out here, what type of workout is best for your own body type.


Three Basic Body Types

Dictated by genetics, we can usually find ourselves in one of three basic body types: mesomorph, endomorph, or ectomorph. It is impossible to compare ourselves to another individual, even if she is participating in a similar workout plan, because our body types may be completely different. Therefore, it would make sense to cater an exercise program to suit our individual needs based on genetics.


Mesomorphs are a muscular breed. They generally have a greater propensity to gain muscle quickly. Mesomorphs typically have broader shoulders and athletic legs and arms.

Workouts for Mesomorphs

Because of their muscular builds, mesomorphs excel in sports that call on quick bursts of energy generated from those muscles. Gymnastics, swimming, softball, cycling, skating, football, and weight training are great workouts for mesomorphs. A balanced approach to exercise might include both sufficient cardio and resistance training with moderate weight to maintain a lean physique.


Endomorphs enjoy a curvier, more voluptuous figure. They may have to lose weight before enjoying the definition underlying muscles.

Workouts for Endomorphs

Endomorphs can benefit by turning up the heat on fat burning and metabolism-increasing workouts. Circuit or boot camp-style training can be beneficial. Increased cardio and endurance workouts are great for this body type, too. Suggested workouts for this body type include spinning, step aerobics classes, cardio kickboxing, power walking, or running.


Ectomorphs are narrow and slim. They generally have a more difficult time building muscle mass, but can enjoy other benefits of weight training, like increased strength and injury prevention.

Workouts for Ectomorphs

To encourage muscle density, high intensity workouts are essential. Specific weight training exercises, like squats, lunges, and deadlifts increase the likelihood of added muscle. Ectomorphs can benefit by focusing less on long, slow cardio sets and more on intense interval training, at places such as Crossfit.

Whatever your body type, celebrate it with fitness. Find a workout you are passionate about, and embrace your shape to be as healthy as you can be.

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