Summer Workout Gear Guide

Nothing can kill your workout mood faster than if you are uncomfortable while you are working out.

Dress for Success

When choosing exercise wear, synthetic, light-weight fibers help keep you cool and dry by wicking moisture away from your skin. It doesn’t hurt to have a great new outfit to help motivate you, as well.

Gear to Go

Fun in the summer sun, wind, and water can wreak havoc on your hair and body. Think protection from head to toe whenever heading outdoors.

In the Pool

Wet your hair before getting in the water. Add leave-in conditioner and pull on a cap to seal the cuticle and reduce the amount of harmful chlorine your hair absorbs. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Lycra suits have excellent elasticity and are form fitting. Competitive swim suits are usually made of Lycra, but are they tend not to be as durable as nylon suits, and often suffer chlorine damage sooner.

Nylon is by far the most common material for swim suits. It absorbs little moisture, so it dries faster, and suits hold up better. However, the colors in nylon suits tend to fade faster than other materials.

On the Bike

Get fit and look cute! Hit the road in versatile and stylish riding gear. Most cycling gear (shorts and jerseys) is meant to reduce wind resistance, as well as protect against chaffing caused by repetitive pedaling and friction against a bike seat. Sitting in a saddle need not be a completely uncomfortable ride. Typically, cycling shorts that are cut from several panels fit better, but tend to cost more. Try on several different types and choose bike shorts with sufficient padding in the groin area with a chamois leather lining.

The most important piece of cycling equipment is your helmet, of course. It is important not to comprise quality here, and to consider a mainstream brand of manufacture.

Eyewear is equally as important, protecting your eyes not only from harmful UV rays, but also from dust, debris, and wayward insects. A local bike store can help you get fitted for all of the proper gear and get you going on two wheels.

On the Running Road

In keeping with the protection theme for our outdoor workout gear, running requires a great pair of shoes. Considering your feet and legs endure the brunt of the impact as you hit the road, it is worthwhile to invest in a comfortable, quality shoe.

Look for a local specialty running store near you to determine if you are a pronator, to have your gait evaluated, and to investigate what type of arch support you require.  Have them measure both of your feet, as one foot can be slightly bigger than the other. Shop later in the day, when your feet are their largest, similar to swelling related to running. It is well worth the initial investment of time and money to ensure you are in the proper running shoe to prevent injuries down the road.

Little Details Overlooked

Think sun protection: sunblock, lip balm with SPF protection, a light-weight hat or visor.

Consider using Bodyglide for protection against chafing. 

Fun and Functional

 Have fun outdoors and enjoy your workout- safely! Take the time to find proper, comfortably fitting gear that is functional. Give yourself every advantage to succeed and stick with your workout routine.

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