Try One New Sport This Summer


Have you ever been inspired by a strong and courageous woman? Most of us have read about, or had the privilege to know, an independent woman who stirred a passion inside of us.

Why not take that inspiration and channel it into something positive this season? It takes courage to try on a new sport, but you won’t regret the effort.  You might even stir an athletic passion in someone else along the way.


If you desire to get back to nature and connect with the outdoors, hiking is a fun and inexpensive way to get moving. Kids can join, too! Take your kids on an extended nature walk and enjoy the world around. Whether you live inland or near the coast, getting up into the hills is a guaranteed way to change your perspective of the landscape. Hiking hills increases the cardiovascular benefit, as well. Escape the rat race and find yourself back to basics on a day of hiking. 

Rock Climbing

Indoors or out, rock climbing is an amazing physical and mental workout. It engages several muscles groups, as well as the mind when choosing the best climbing route. Even if you have little experience scaling the faces of cliff sides, rock climbing is surprisingly user-friendly. It caters to multi-levels since rocks and manufactured rock walls come in all shapes and sizes; no two climbs are alike. Climbing indoors offers a safe, controlled environment with instructors onsite to assist belaying climbers, as well as to offer tutorials. For convenience and safety, research climbing gyms near you for hours and pricing. 

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis is a sport you can participate in all of your life because you can vary the intensity. Singles or doubles matches allow for variation in the level of difficulty, as well. With highly portable equipment, and courts found almost anywhere, tennis can be your racquet, too. Lessons for beginners can be found at your local YMCA, country club, or recreation center.


It’s not just for old guys. Skip the cart and carry your clubs. The average golfer walks five miles on an 18 hole course. Walking is the most fundamental component of any exercise program; what better way to enjoy it than taking in the scenery on a beautifully landscaped golf course? While golf may not require the same energy output as running or cycling, for example, it does require more expenditure than others. If you enjoy walking and you like being outdoors, consider taking a few lessons to see if golf is for you.

Shake it Up

Sports are as wide and varied as people. With so many options to choose from, why not consider taking on one new activity, if only for a few designated weeks, and shake things up in your workout? You may find something out of the ordinary you really enjoy and want to continue to pursue. To your health!

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