16 Skirts With Perfect Hems for Summer

16 Skirts With Perfect Hems for Summer

16 Skirts With Perfect Hems for Summer

Stilettos. Shapewear. Mankinis. Fashion is chock-a-block full of ridiculous inventions. But the knee-length skirt, well, that’s not one of them. With a length that’s perfect for work and the weekend, the KLS is a wardrobe essential that flatters everyone. This season mid-lengths are back in a big way – and I love how they’re simple without being boring, elegant without being out-of-date…  the trick is finding the right one for you. Here are a bunch of styles I’m loving right now.


If you add one new thing to your wardrobe this season make sure it’s denim. Hardwearing and eternally cool, it’ll see you through summer and then some.

16 Skirts With Perfect Hems for Summer

  1. Net-a-porter Frame Denim Le Pencil Skirt, $234

    You could go for any number of cheaper options, or you could just get the best damn denim skirt around and still be wearing the same one in 10 years time.

  2. Witchery Denim Pencil Skirt, 99.95

    Distressed parents? No good. Distressed kids? Even worse. But distressed denim? Can you say hell yeah? This baby has just the right amount

  3. Seed Denim Skirt, $79.95

    No buttons, bells, whistles, this is everyday style at it’s simplest.

  4. Seed Button Up Denim Skirt, $79.95

    Couldn’t you just see Audrey Hepburn skipping down the street in this number? That’s gotta be a good thing.

  5. Witchery Rib Split Skirt, $99.95

    Denim is super tough for sure – but soft and stretchy? Notsomuch. It never hurts to have a little of both in the cupboard to pull out when you need.

  6. Forever New A-line Self Tie Skirt, $39.95

    Bring a little boho into your day at a price that suits as well as the skirt.

  7. Lyocell Button-through Skirt, $109.95

    For those days when you feel like wearing something swishy.

  8. Country Road Frayed Denim Full Skirt, $129 

    Love the full shape and lack of tricky-ness. A hardworking all-rounder that’s not too trendy – so it’ll never go out of style.


16 Skirts With Perfect Hems for Summer


OK, it’s not the most practical colour to wear around sticky fingered kids,
but if the tiny tackers leave you alone for five minutes (like date night) then why not be the best dressed lady in the room?

  1. Seed Stitch Tie Skirt, $149.95

    A classic wrap style gets an Asian-inspired update thanks to a the karate-esque belt.

  2. Witchery White Blonde Skirt

    Need pockets? You got ‘em. Super-sized, 3D ones that completely obfuscate bumps and lumps, and give this baby a ‘perfect summer skirt for the office’ appeal.

  3. Seed Frill Crepe Skirt, $149.95

    There are ordinary skirts. And then there are ones with three layers of frills that boast all the silly fun of red velvet cupcake. Yum!

  4. Witchery Button Denim Skirt, $99.95

    An oldie, but a goodie. The classic button-front gets an update in white denim – and if you can find another summer skirt that boasts five pockets (count ‘em: f-i-v-e), I’d like to see it.

  5. Sportsgirl Textured Swing Skirt, $79.95

    White midis can come across a bit same-same – but with its subtle texture and spot-on price tag this one gets a tick of approval from me.

  6. Seed Longline Crepe Flare Skirt, $129.95

    Prints and patterns are all very well. But sometimes the simple things are just the best.

  7. Seed Broderie Panel Skirt, $199.95

    The work-friendly way to work summer’s boho vibe.

  8. Country Road Embroidered Hem Detail Skirt, $179.95

    A friend of mine wore this to a shoot I photographed and I could only marvel: how could a white, full-flowing, elastic-waisted skirt possibly be so slimming? The X-files has nothing on this dream-come-true.

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