1 Dress, 5 Ways

1 Dress, 5 Looks: Take a Striped T-shirt Dress to the Next Level

A striped t-shirt dress is a summer staple in my wardrobe. It’s easy to throw on and looks stylish enough to wear when hanging at home or heading out for a coffee with friends. It’s the ultimate base piece that can be layered to create different looks for summer, because in summer (especially in Brisbane), clothing choices are all about keeping cool. Summer layering can be done, but it’s all about choosing breathable pieces that won’t add bulk. Layers need to be pieces that allow good air flow so you don’t cook on the inside.

5 ways to style a striped t-shirt dress

My striped t-shirt dress was a steal from Kmart for $10. You will find that many retailers sell this popular style of dress so look around for a dress that will suit your shape and budget. The key to finding the right dress for you is to ensure it isn’t too clingy and doesn’t ride up too short. Opt to buy a size larger than your usual size to get more length and stretch in the body. Try these:


Once you’ve found your ideal t-shirt dress, it’s time to work on layering with separate pieces to create different looks.

Here are 5 ways I style my striped t-shirt dress.

1. Linen Vest and Runners

Linen is a gorgeous, breathable fabric. While it does crush easily, it still hangs beautifully over my t-shirt dress. I added a pendant necklace from Tiffany & Co and my Frankie 4 Silver Runners which I wear to do the school run in. A denim vest would also work well in creating a similar look.

striped t-shirt dress and vest

2. Scarf and Birkies

A bright scarf adds a pop of colour to my t-shirt dress. I’ve then paired it back with my favourite white Birkenstocks. The perfect outfit for the beach because the accessories are easy to de-layer.

t-shirt dress and birkies

3. Layer with Beads of Colour

Accessories like beaded jewellery can be layered over your t-shirt dress to create ‘smart casual boho’ look. I teamed my outfit with a coral wedge sandal. I’d wear this look to the shops when meeting girlfriends for coffee or even a casual dinner date with my husband.

striped t-shirt dress with beads of colour

4. ‘She Means Business’ with a Jacket

By adding a white jacket, a similar contrast necklace and black sandals, I’ve elevated the t-shirt dress to business smart-casual look. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit to a business meeting. If the business meeting requires a more corporate look, change the sandals to closed in heels and the jacket to a blazer.

t-shirt dress business look

5. Laidback Layers

Tie a shirt in a contrasting colour and pattern around your waist and add some white canvas shoes for a super casual/preppie look. I’ve tied a chambray shirt around my waist and the white polka dot and white stripe are tied in with the white canvas shoes.

laid back layers striped t-shirt dress

It’s all in the accessories and layers that can turn a simple wardrobe staple into a collection of outfits that can be worn all through summer. A striped t-shirt dress makes a good trans-seasonal travelling garment, using scarves and jackets for layering.

Are you a fan of the striped t-shirt dress? How do you wear yours?

More quick and easy looks to try:

Images: Bec Senyard

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