Are Denim Jackets Still In?

What a great question because yes, in fact they are still in style EXCEPT for denim that is acid-washed or torn or if you wear it from head-to-toe (not “IN”). Denim jackets are the perfect versatile piece to add to your wardrobe as they can be dressed up or down and look great when paired with the summer’s maxi dresses and skirts for a chilly night out on the town. I’ve picked a few that are timeless styles and can be worn anytime and also a few that will look great in fall when it gets even colder with chic Sherpa lining!


AE Denim Jacket, $49.50

ASOS Crop Denim Blazer, $29.31

Denim Western Style Jacket, $85

True Religion Western Denim Jacket, $176

Denim Sherpa Jacket, $59.50

I “Heart” Ronson for JCPenny, $40.60 (sale)





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