The Leather Jacket: Step Away From The Fleece

It is comfortable and it is easy but it is not flattering nor is it stylish and I’m here to sing the praises of your new best friend: the leather jacket.

We ALL have days when we are running a bit late and have to dash out of the house to get the kids where they need to be and makeup gets forgotten, but grabbing for the leather jacket will instantly elevate even a hurried ensemble. (And we all know sunglasses hide a multitude of sins flawlessly.)

This wardrobe staple goes over jeans and a t-shirt as easily as it does slacks and how great is a cropped moto style against a gorgeous, flowing, long pleated skirt? DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, that’s how. Throw on a great scarf and some killer bracelets (or not!) and you are put together and just a little bit edgy.

I like being able to wear a lighter-weight shirt or thinner sweater underneath them. We all feel bulky enough during cold months – this allows you to have a few less centimeters of visual heft PLUS the tailoring of the jacket lets you retain a bit of your lady shape that usually doesn’t reappear until spring.

Yes, they can be an investment, but one well worth the dollars if you buy a classic silhouette that is well-made and will stay with your for years. Besides, it’s end-of-season sale time and a leather jacket can be found anywhere severely marked down.

Here are a few favorites that you can grab right now. Go!

Twiggy London Leather Aviator Jacket | Urban Code Traditional Leather Walking Jacket | MICHAEL Michael Kors Asymmetrical-Zip Scuba Jacket | Urban Code Quilted Leather Jacket | MICHAEL Michael Kors Asymmetrical Zip Leather Moto Jacket  

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