Tween Exercise

How to Get My Kid Fit? Whip Your Tween into Shape without an Epic Argument

So kids need guidance on how to eat better and a push to exercise more, however, experience has taught well-intentioned parents that if they try telling their budding, independent love bugs that they need to eat their veggies or jump on the treadmill, they’ll high tail it in the opposite direction. What’s a mom to do? Here are some tips on how to get your tween to move more and rest less:

Put a time limit on screen time

The average tween kid spends 7 hours a day texting, posting, tweeting and Instagramming. Think that doesn’t matter? A typical kid burns 25 calories an hour sitting and over 160 calories an hour doing light activity. That’s a difference of over 800 calories per day! Have them shut off their electronics and kids naturally do things that will cause them to be more active.

Tap into the activities that your kid loves

Tween kids are quite vocal about things they love and things they hate to do. Skiing, dancing, wrestling, shooting hoops, playing an instrument are all great examples. Start by asking your child their opinion, then expose them to different activities. Find something they love … they’ll not only stick with it, they’ll beg you to do it!

Make it about you

50% of tween girls expressed interest in losing weight but didn’t want to talk about it. A great way to help them is to tap into their want to help you! Enlist your child to help you get into shape and eat right by picking activities, healthy foods and exercising with you. You’ll be bonding through sweating!

Get the group together

Tweens LOVE to be like their friends and do things in groups. Organize the family or round up a bunch of kids to do a fun outing. Take a yoga class together. Go duck pin bowling. The more interesting and funny the activity, the more it’ll appeal to your kid!

Bring in the role models

This age group loves to emulate their favorite athlete, actor or singer. Enlist their favorite by clueing your kid into what great role models like John Cena, Justin Timberlake, Pink or Victoria Justice are doing to stay healthy!

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