7 Hottest Hairstyles for 2016

Hair trends that are so last year…

And while 2015 was a great year for many things (Magic Mike XL wasn’t ALL bad, right?), there are a few hair trends we’re hoping to leave in the dust…

 Hottest Hairstyles for 2016 cate blanchett 2

Image: Getty/Noam Galai

The Side Shave – Shaving off one full side of your hair requires a strong commitment, not to mention a strong jawline. Instead, why don’t we make 2016 the year of the pretend side shave, a la Cate Blanchett, where you get the same rocker cache but get to skip the whole growing-out phase? 

 Hottest Hairstyles for 2016 miranda lambert

Image: Getty/Kris Connor 

Forced Hair  – Listen, if everyone’s favorite country gal can let go of the big curls and teased hair in favor of easy waves, I think it’s time we all put down the aerosol hairspray.

Hottest Hairstyles for 2016 keri russel

Image: Getty/Raymond Hall  

Ombre  – I have to admit, I have had a true love affair with ombre and am absolutely devastated to see it go (it was so easy on my roots!), but I’m falling fast and hard for the new bronde, a mix of blonde and brown that makes you look like you have really, really pretty brown hair. 

Hottest Hairstyles for 2016-richie

Image: Getty/Vincent Sandoval 

Bright Colors – So, I don’t actually think bright colors are completely on their way out (rather than all-over color, we’re seeing more dipped ends), but the trend toward softer colors like light lavender, barely there pink, and even-less-noticeable deep blue is easier to wear and a tad more sophisticated.

Hottest Hairstyles for 2016 khloe kardashian

Image: Getty/Joe Scarnici 

Insanely Long Extensions – You guys, Khloe Kardashian put away the extensions and went totally glam with a long lob. I think that is the universe’s way of telling us natural is in. 

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