3 Gorgeous & Easy Ways to Make Your Ponytail Less Boring

As a mom, my go-to style is obviously a ponytail. It’s a tried and true way to get our hair out of the way as well as keep my kids’ sticky little fingers out of it. But a plain ponytail can get a little boring! If you have a few seconds to spare, you can easily spice up your ‘do and make your ponytail less boring.

The topsy turvy

Remember that trick?! It’s such a fun way to make a ponytail look more interesting. To create this style, fasten your hair into a low ponytail. Split your hair above the rubber band, then flip your ponytail through the split and pull it through underneath.

How to spice up your ponytail

The effortless braided ponytail

This stylish look can be so simple and also create a sporty-chic look in seconds. To create it, fasten your hair into a high ponytail. Braid the ponytail and fasten it at the bottom. Loosen the braid by pulling at parts to create a very effortless feel. Take a small section from the bottom and wrap the bottom rubber band to cover it, then secure the end of the section with a bobby pin into the rubber band.

How to spice up your pony tail

When all else fails, tie it with a bow…

This super sweet addition to a ponytail can make any ponytail that much better. To create it, gather hair either to crown or into a low ponytail. Choose a satin ribbon in any color (I prefer white, blush, or black). Tie the ribbon over your rubber band into a bow. Even the simplest addition of a bow or jeweled clip can make you look polished in an instant.

How to spice up your ponytail

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