The Beauty Junkie’s Guide to Packing for Vacation

My kids don’t even know how lucky they are to have grandparents who live in France. We make a pilgrimage to see them every summer, reuniting in Bandol, France for some Mediterranean sea, sun, and fun. It’s the most cherished family vacation of the year.

But trying to get everyone packed days before departing is seriously stressful. And who’s last on the list to get everything together? You got it. Me. Hence, rounding up all my skin care, makeup, and hair necessities usually falls at the very end of my to-do list. In the past, this task has been extremely frustrating because all of my can’t-live-without products would bulk up into a huge bulging bundle that never fit in my suitcase, causing even more last-minute stress.


Now, I’ve wised up with these travel-friendly must-haves, tips, and tricks for beauty junkie moms like me. I bring 8 things with me on vacation that keep my beauty routine on track—without requiring an entire carry-on of their own.

Find out exactly what they are in the slideshow.

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