Rachel Hayes

Rachel Hayes

Rachel Hayes has been reporting about all things beauty for almost two decades, but hopes you’d never believe that thanks to the hundreds of anti-aging potions she’s experimented with throughout her career. After serving as Cosmopolitan's Beauty Director for 10 years, Rachel jumped on the digital wave and currently works with both print and online outlets.

As a working mom in the media industry, Rachel is constantly inspired by fellow working moms who mange to quickly and stylishly pull themselves together even during life's most chaotic moments. Hence the launch of Pretty Impressed which features these "supermoms" and their fast fashion and quick beauty secrets.

Rachel is also the editor of Charlotte's Book, a resource for the latest in anti-aging, skincare, aesthetics, wellness and nutrition. Rachel has recently been published in More, Shape, Allure, Glamour among others, and has appeared on national TV including Today, Good Morning America and Extra.

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