5 Vaseline Hacks You Need to Know This Winter

I always have Vaseline stashed in every drawer, purse, and diaper bag I own. Vaseline is a total workhorse—if I’m on the go, it comes in handy at least once a day—whether I’ve got a particulary dry patch of skin or my cuticles are getting gnarly. But there are a few less-known ways I personally use Vaseline that you need to know. These are my best-kept Vaseline beauty secrets I always keep in my back pocket:

Vaseline Beauty Hack #1: Cream Bronzer and Contour

Put a small dime-sized amount of Vaseline into a dish. Scrape some matte brown eye shadow into the Vaseline and mix until blended. Apply and blend on temples, side of the nose, and under cheekbones for a cream contour effect.  

Vaseline Beauty Hack #2: Sea Salt Scrub

Mix desired amount of chunky sea salt into a dollop of Vaseline. Scrub mixture in circular motions over dry areas of skin (e.g., hands, elbows, heels, etc.). Jump in the shower to rinse it off.

Vaseline Beauty Hack #3: Brow Tamer

Apply a small amount of Vaseline to brows. Using a brow brush, brush brows upward to set.  

Vaseline Beauty Hack #4: Custom Lip Color

Similar to cream bronzer, put a dime sized amount of Vaseline in a dish. Using your old blushes and eye shadows, scrape any mix of shades into the dish and mix. Apply to your lips for a custom lip color.  

Vaseline Beauty Hack #5: Deep Moisturizer

In these winter months skin can get really chapped. Apply a bit of Vaseline to your daily body lotion for extra moisture. Apply it to your feet at night and sleep with socks on for silky smooth tootsies in the morning.  

What are your Vaseline hacks?

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