Jessica Alba Braided Updo Tutorial

 Image: Getty / Steve Granitz

Jessica Alba has the most beautiful hair, and her updos are stunning. Here’s a quick hair tutorial on how to re-create the coveted Jessica Alba braided updo from the Oscars. This updo is timeless, as many of my hair clients still request this look for weddings, photo shoots, and special occasions. Beauty bonus: You don’t need a lot of time, tools, or experience with my little styling tricks below.



  • Teasing comb
  • Three rubber bands
  • Firm holding hairspray
  • Hair pins



Step 1: Create a French braid to frame your front  fringe. This style works great with or without bangs.

Step 2: Place the back of your hair into three ponytails. Hold in place with rubber bands and tease the root of each ponytail with a teasing brush.

Step 3: Form buns with each ponytail. Secure buns in place with hair pins to give the illusion of one giant bun that runs the width of your entire head. This technique creates fullness and makes for a long lasting style.

Step 4: Widen your front face-framing braid and pin it against and around your giant bun so the look becomes completely unified.

Styling by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Will Rogers

Model Karolina O.

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