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Celebrity Beauty Expert Joel Warren’s Tips for Taking Post-Delivery Pics

Whether or not you hire a professional to take pictures of you and your newborn post-delivery, you’re going to want to take some pictures in the hospital before heading home – and you’re going to want to, obviously, look your best for the forever memories. No amount of baby bliss, however, can erase the massive undertaking that labor and delivery entail (even if the likes of Kate Middleton made it look easy). Doing hair and makeup in the blur of post-delivery emotions is no simple task. What’s the key? Keep it, well, simple!

“To keep your hair from getting tangled, use a leave-in conditioner before heading to the hospital,” says celebrity beauty expert and owner of The Salon Project, Joel Warren. “It will help with tangled hair. I like the Moroccan Gold Series Leave-In Hair Mask because it works great and smells amazing.” As for specific styles, Warren suggests going back to the basics with a ponytail, braids or a French twist, all of which you can do quickly and without a mirror. “Plus, besides being easy, they all still look great even if they’re not perfectly done and they get the hair out of your face for a clean look. Use a boars hair brush and some dry shampoo. Oribe’s works great.”

As for the skin, you want to look fresh and natural, so Warren suggests keeping makeup to a minimum. When packing your hospital bag include a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. “For makeup, just some concealer will be enough to cover-up any blemishes and equal out skin. Then, just finish with some lip balm and a little bronzer.”

Some may say that you shouldn’t care what you look like after you give birth but if makeup or beauty care makes a mom feel more confident, what does it matter?

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