Beauty After Baby: Lash and Brow Extensions

image: Occhi Lash and Brow Studio in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

Pregnancy and delivery can unfold a slew of beauty issues that may require some extra maintenance. As I touched on before, your lashes and hair can take a beating due to hormonal changes, so knowing about trends and technology in beauty can sure be helpful.  

I wanted to review the latest in lash and brow extensions: If you’re a mom in need of immediate results or are just craving fullness for an upcoming event, this is some instant gratification just for you. 

First up, brow extensions—yes, it’s a thing…and it’ll be huge for 2015.

Brow Extension and Brow Mapping

I did some firsthand research on the latest brow trends sweeping the nation—brow extension and brow mapping. At Occhi Lash and Brow Studio in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, I was able to experience immediate brow fullness and shaping via their Hi Brow and Brow Perfect technique, the latest trend and technique out of the U.K.

The unique brow extension service aims to add volume and extend the brow line via gluing of individual tiny synthetic hairs to gaps in your existing brows and mimic realistic brow hair. I highly recommend this service (or a similar one in your area) as it’s customized to your specific needs, age, and individual brow shape. I found these clever little brow extensions to give natural depth and dimension to my brows. Also recommended is brow mapping, a combination of waxing, shaping, and coloring to best match your features for aiding in the overall appearance of your brows.

Lynn La Palermo, owner of Occhi and whose impressive background includes Volume Lash training and Editorial Board Advisory for EYELASH Magazine, further explains:

The birth of a newborn brings about beautiful and wonderful new changes in a mom’s life. However, once in a while a new mother may experience a loss of not only brow hair, but lashes as well after giving birth. This is very common and is due to the recent hormonal changes with the arrival of the bundle of joy.

With the new little person to attend to morning and night, the new mom has less time to take care of herself so here are a couple of solutions.

Brow extensions can fill in the gaps where brow hairs have diminished. Tiny little brow hairs are attached with a special adhesive to create a fuller, lush brow.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions will give a new mom the lift she craves to feel and look polished without the need for mascara or eyeliner. Personally, I’ve been wanting to try lash extensions since they started to gain popularity in 2007. I’m glad I waited until now to experience Occhi’ Lash Extensions and highly recommend them, or a similar specialized service in your area. National Beauty Advisory: Be sure to seek referrals from friends or conduct online research to confirm quality and sanitation practices before booking your appointment at a salon in your area. 

Lynn, a sought-after expert in the area of brows and lashes, further explains the benefits of personalized lash extensions:

Lash extensions are designed for women who may have hormonal challenges with weak, thin, or sparse lashes. The Occhi’ method uses fine, thin lashes that fan and fill in gaps, extend natural lash length, and give volume and density. So for those sleepless nights she can still look rested and beautiful. And she will get a well deserved nap once a month for her one hour re-lash appointment.

So if pregnancy hormones have done a number on your lashes or brows, or you just need a quick beauty pick-me-up, consider adding fullness and youthfulness with brow and lash extension work. The results are immediate…and quite addictive. As a mother of two, I thoroughly love waking up and not having to apply any makeup to my brows or lashes. The finished look is truly refreshing and rewarding.

Additional Beauty Notes:

  • Brow extensions typically last four to ten days, so if you’re looking to enhance your look for a specific event take this time factor into account.
  • Brow extension maintenance includes keeping fingers, oils, and makeup products away from your lashes. Pretty easy to do, but requires a little thought when applying lotion, washing your face, and taking a shower. Overall, the results and benefits are fantastic.
  • Lash extensions are pretty long lasting depending on maintenance. Lash shampooing via a specific nightly lash-grooming technique is all you really need, so they’re pretty low maintenance once applied.

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