The 9 Best Conditioners For Shiny And Sexy Hair

In the world of hair washing, shampoos often get all the attention. After all, they’re the ones that suds up so nicely and complete the intended job of actually cleaning your hair. Conditioner often takes a backseat, an afterthought that you may quickly slap onto your ends, or even skip altogether on busy mornings. But much more than shampoo’s sidekick, conditioners deserve their place in the spotlight, too. Not only do they deliver much needed moisture to your strands, helping to make them smoother and easier to detangle post-shower in the process, choosing the right formula can also help lay the foundation for your chosen hair style. The bottom line? If you want shampoo commercial-worthy locks, you absolutely, positively have to use a good conditioner. Ahead, nine to add to your shower stash, stat.

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