pregnancy safe shampoos

The Best Pregnancy Safe Shampoos and Conditioners

It’s ironic that products meant to cleanse are conventionally incredibly high in toxins and especially high in endocrine disrupters (think fragrances and preservatives). In fact, it’s totally legal for beauty products to be filled with irritants, allergens and carcinogens – just because something is sold on a shelf, don’t assume it’s safe!

If you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, it’s certainly worth considering what exactly is in your haircare products. Unfortunately, deciphering ingredient lists is tedious and difficult given that, with the exception of water, ingredients – with their 20,000 syllable names – appearing on labels are foreign to most people.


We’ve taken the grunt work out of the process of looking for cleaner options by rounding up brands that make pregnancy safe shampoos and conditioners. While it’s especially important to opt for buys like the ones below as you try to get pregnant and during pregnancy, don’t abandon them when baby is here! There’s no reason to opt for potentially toxic options when there are so many amazing, better-for-you products that perform just as well. Ahead, the best pregnancy safe shampoos and conditioners:

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