5 Foam Dry Shampoos You Can’t Live Without

There’s no denying that a good dry shampoo deserves VIP (very important product) status in any hair care routine. (After all, we have yet to meet someone who has the time–or actually wants to–wash and style their hair every day.) Plus, the category is now more expansive than ever, with lots of options that go far beyond the standard white powder. Take the latest crop of newbies, foam dry shampoos. With the same oil-absorbing prowess in a lightweight, mousse-like texture, these formulas are choice for adding extra lift and volume. And don’t worry, using foam dry shampoo couldn’t be easier – just apply a dollop on your fingertips and massage into your roots until the foam disappears.

Look, summer is here and the old you would wash your hair daily. But not the new you. Not the foam dry shampoo you. Whether you spent the day at the beach or you hit the gym for a spin class, foam dry shampoo will refresh your hair by sopping up excess grease, all without stepping foot in the shower.


Want to try dry foam shampoo but don’t know which one to purchase? Ahead, five standouts worth trying the next time a full-on hair washing just isn’t in the cards.