Family Game Night Inspiration

Start a fun new tradition in your family — turn one night a week into family game night!


  1. Chalkboard tile from Pottery Barn
  2. Apples to Apples game at Target
  3. Melamine bowls by Martha Stewart for Macy's
  4. Floor pillow from CB2
  5. Trouble game from Hasbro
  6. First place ribbon from Oriental Trading

Turn off the TV, cell phones, and computer and get back to basics: playing a good ol' board game is the ultimate in family interaction, and is a great, inexpensive way to have a great time together. Create a comfy area on the floor or around the table to play, and make sure plenty of snacks are on hand to keep everyone satisfied. Create a scoreboard from a chalkboard to inspire good-natured competitiveness, and give out a first place ribbon that can be re-awarded to the new winner each week. Search online to choose from and read reviews of the newest games, or pull out favorites from your own childhood (Candyland, anyone?) and you might be surprised at how well they've stood the test of time!