[FREE PRINTABLE] DIY Printable Spring Banner

I love to find little ways to dress up our apartment for each holiday or season! This spring, I was looking for something that would be quick, easy, and (bonus) free—so I decided to make something myself. This "Hello, Spring" printable spring banner will take you just a few minutes to print and put together, and your kiddos can help you too!




Step 1: Begin by downloading and printing out the free garland template.


Step 2: Carefully cut out each letter on the sheet.


Step 3: Flip the letters over, being sure that they remain in the correct order. Cut a piece of baker's twine that's approximately a yard long. Tape the twine to the back side of each letter with a small piece of tape.


Step 4: Check the banner from the front side to ensure that the letters are in the correct order and evenly spaced. Hang your garland, and have a beautiful spring!


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